I am a researcher, educator, performer, and amateur writer living in Canada, and currently working as Term Adjunct at Queen’s University and Contract Instructor at Carleton University. I have completed PhD in Cultural Studies, and my doctoral project was funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship Award, in the Cultural Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Program at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. I have taught courses of music, creative industries, ethnomusicology, cultural studies, religion, literary studies, film, and English language skills (ESL/EAL) at universities for more than fourteen years. My research interests follow interdisciplinary studies, including ethnomusicology, Western and non-Western cultural texts and industries, social/cultural theory and philosophy, and language skills. I am also working as a casual Inclusion Coach responsible for implementing equity, diversity and inclusion for academic and non-academic institutions.

My recently completed PhD project examines the popular culture industries and investigates spirituality, literature and music of Bauls, the heterogeneous group of itinerant minstrels in Bangladesh. The study discusses the influence of commodification, consumer capitalism, and agency in the changes of Baul literature, music, and spiritual beliefs in urban and rural areas of the country. I am trained in Baul and Bengali folk music and Indian classical music and was involved in experiential learning with Baul communities since my childhood.

Please feel free to navigate through my website and do not hesitate to contact me for any queries.