Conference, Seminars, and Research Projects


Shelter in the Forest: Akhra as the Eco-spiritual Space in Baul Literature and Music in Bangladesh. Conference Title: The Annual Conference of the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English 2022. Held: May 13-15. Paper presented on May 15.

Selfies, Self-promotions, and Malignant Narcissism: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Folk Lyrics on Gen Z’s Virtual Habits (remote). Conference Title: Folklore and Virtual Culture. School of Language, Literature, and Culture, Central University of Punjab. August 17-19, 2022. Paper presented on August 19.

The “Other” Folk Industry Online: Virtual maizbhandary Performances, Affect, and “bad faith” in Bngladesh. Conference Title: The Virtual Otherwise (online). Society of Cultural Anthropology. June 2-4, 2022. Paper presented on June 03.


Shadhana, Affect, and Proximity: Baul Performances at Akhra Spaces in Bangladesh. Conference Title: Musical Proximities, Canadian Society of Traditional Music Annual Virtual Conference 2021. Held: November 21-28. Paper Presented on November 28.


Paper Title: “Snare The Soul Of Nature With Your Non-materialist Self”: Consumer Capitalism and Eco-spirituality in the 21st Century Baul Music in Bangladesh. Conference Title: Society of Ethnomusicology Annual Virtual Meeting 2020, Held: October 21-31. Paper presented on October 25. (supposed to be held at University of Ottawa, Canada)



Paper Title: The Protest Music of Baul Spirituality against Hyper-Consumption: The Songs and Performance of Baul Taskir Ali in Bangladesh, Conference Title: Religion in Harm and Healing, Eastern International Meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) 2019, Held: April 13-14, McGill School of Religious Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Paper Title: Carnivalesque Spaces in Baul Spirituality: The Poetry and Music of Kangalini Sufia in Bangladesh. Conference Title: Interconnections: Navigating Society, People, and Culture, Held: April 9, 2019, Sociology, Queen’s University, Canada

Paper Title: Protest Music, Activism, and Shoti-Ma Tradition: Baul Women against Heteronormative and Colonial Patriarchy. Conference Title: Undisciplined, Cultural Studies Conference, Held: April 4-6, 2019, Queen’s University, Canada

Paper Title: South Asian Parallax Oral Literature and Performance. Asian Studies Colloquium, Asian Institute, University of Toronto, Held: April 3, 2019


Paper Title: Tradition, Authenticity, and Baul Music in Bangladesh Conference Title: Society of Ethnomusicology Conference, Niagara Chapter Held: April 14, 2018, Ryerson University, Toronto

Strategies for Ecological Humanities: Baul Spiritualities Conference Title: Undisciplined Held: March 23-24, 2018, Cultural Studies Conference, Queen’s University, Kingston


Paper Title: Bauls of Bengal and the Gaia Theory: the Ecocritical and Cognitive Approaches to the Songs of Lalon and Radharaman. Conference Title: The River: Flows of Innovation and Exchange in the Global(i)zed English World. Held: Department of English and Modern Languages, North South University, Dhaka, March 3, 2016

Paper Title: Mind in the Marketplace: Neuroscience and Cognitive Approaches in Ian McEwan’s Saturday and Richard Powers’ The Echo Maker. Conference Title: English Studies and the Marketplace. Held: Department of English, East West University, Aftabnagar, Dhaka, 19-20 February, 2016


Paper Title: Be the Man That All Women Want: Gender Hegemony and English Language in E-mail Advertising. Conference Title: The Multiple Realities of English: ELT and Beyond. Bangladesh English Language Teachers’ Association (BELTA). Held: NAEM Compound, Dhaka, January 18-20, 2013


Paper Title: “Redefining ‘Dystonic’ Self: New Media as a Queer Utopia in Bangladesh”. Conference Title: Media and Utopia. Forum on Contemporary Theory, India. Held: Hotel Kanha Shyam, Allahabad, India, December 16-19, 2012

Paper Title: Hyping Hypertext: Visual Literature in/on Virtual world. Conference Title: Language and Technology. Held: Department of English, University of Dhaka, October 20, 2012

Paper Title: 3D Panorama and Dickens’ Ghost: A Christmas Carol in Page-reality and Hyper-reality. Conference Title: Celebrating 200 Years: Charles Dickens and Robert Browning. Held: Department of English, Independent University, Bangladesh, June 29-30, 2012

Paper Title: The Parallax Performance: The Carnivalesque Reality in Paddopuraan and Palagaan. Conference Title: Postgraduate Conference 2012: English Language, Literature and Cultural Studies in 21st Century. Held: Department of English, Jahangirnagar University, 25-26 May 2012


Paper Title: Books or Films or Television: Difficulties in Recognizing English Literature as an Interdisciplinary Discourse in Bangladesh. Conference Title: Transcending Disciplinary Decadence. Forum on Contemporary Theory & IIS University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Held: Fortune Bellacasa Hotel, Jaipur, India, December 18-21, 2011

Research Title: Tagore’s Formation of Cosmopolitanism: A Reconstruction of Literary and Cultural Concepts. Department of English. Faculty of Arts and Humanities Research Project, Jahangirnagar University, July 2010 to June 2011

Paper Title: Commodifying Baul Songs: Consumerism and Devaluing Baul Philosophy in Bangladesh. Conference Title: Cultural Transformation. Held: Department of English, BRAC University, Bangladesh, 17-18 December, 2011

Paper Title: Beyond Sublimity: The Aesthetics of Sublime and Gay In-tones in Tennessee’s Suddenly, Last Summer. Conference Title: From Page to Stage: Conference on Tennessee Williams. Held: Department of English, Independent University, Bangladesh, 17 November, 2011

Paper Title: Dharo Chor Hawar Ghare Faad Pete: Tracing Woman, Body and Creator in Baul Songs. Conference Title: Thinking Otherwise with/in English Studies. Held: Department of English, Jahangirnagar University, 13-14 May 2011

Paper Title: Reliving Bauliana: Baul Songs Representing the Surviving and Extinct Baul Ghana. Seminar, East West University. Held: Department of English, East West University, 03 August, 2011


Paper Title: ‘Media and Peeping Tom Culture: Disorienting Public Spectacle in the Evolution of Voyeurism’. Conference Title: The Virtual Transformation of the Public Sphere. Forum on Contemporary Theory & University of Punjab, Chandigarh, India. Held: Park View Hotel, Chandigarh, India, December 16-18, 2010


Paper Title: Casualties of Empire: Gender Hegemony and Identity Politics in Fire. Conference Title: Empire and English Studies: Pedagogy and Activism Now. Held: Department of English, East West University, 11-12 December, 2009

Paper Title: Decentering the Hegemonic ‘Centre’: ‘Palabras Liminares’ and Ruben Dario’s Poetic Identity. Conference Title: Locating Latin American Literature. Held: Department of English, Jahangirnagar University, 24-25 May 2009


Paper Title: The Quest for Wording the Word: Communication Crisis & Alienation of Language in Wole Soyinka’s The Road. Conference Title: African Literature in English/ Africa in Literature. Held: Department of English, University of Dhaka, October 30, 2008