About and Contact

Here is a glimpse of my academic journey. I am teaching courses on music, spirituality, and culture as Term Adjunct, previously as a Teaching Fellow, at Dan School of Drama and Music, Queen’s University, Canada. I am also teaching as a Contract Instructor at Carleton University, Canada. I taught courses on English literature and language, cultural theory, and film at Jahangirnagar University (Bangladesh), East West University (Bangladesh), and Eastern University (Bangladesh). With the funding of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship Award, I completed my PhD in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. As a grantee of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, I studied literature, linguistics, and cultural theories for two years and received my second MA in Literature and Linguistics: English (with Distinction) from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, in 2015. I have a BA Honors and MA in English from Jahangirnagar University. Some of my recently published research articles and upcoming book chapters concentrate on eco-centrism and heterogeneity in Baul music and literature, intersectionality and Darwinism in novels, pedophilia, and patriarchy in Bangladeshi film, voyeurism in media, hetero-imperialism in films, alienation and segregation in postcolonial texts, naturalism and expressionism in plays and so forth. I have presented research papers at many international conferences in North America, Europe, and South Asia. My recent conference papers and projects investigate the issues of affect and commodification in Baul and popular culture in Bangladesh and ecocritical and Cognitive approaches to Bangladeshi folk literature (Baul Literature) and culture. My doctoral research at Queen’s focused on the study of Ethnomusicology examining the intersections of Baul literature and music with contemporary consumer culture in Bangladesh. I am trained in Bangladeshi folk music and Indian classical music from Chhayanaut in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Research Interests: Baul Literature, Music and Culture; Ethnomusicology; Spiritualism and Baul Religion; Cognitive Approaches to Literature; Representation in Media and Films; Postcolonial Literature; American Literature; Literary and Cultural Theory; Drama and Theatre, Sociolinguistics, English Language Skills.

Contact: For any kind of research queries, presentations, and performance, please e-mail him at golam.rabbani@queensu.ca.